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Procrastination is a chronic mind ache.

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

If asked, anybody can do everything in the future but now or today? The general possible answer is "No" due to outnumbered procrastinators... It feeds mankind's future virtual ego and current ongoing ego at the same time, without doing anything not now nor in the future. Tomorrow, next week, etc. answer will be the same. This is where the power of procrastination generated. It is like a try to quit smoking for an addicted. In both cases, short-termed dopamine craving is in action. A self-destroyer blaster filled with dopamine to demolish the owner of the mind.

So, It is highly recommended and needed by the mind and body, to change self- dopamine creating behavior, if the aim is homogenized dopamine flow trough the time to don't lose current and the future.

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